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Uncached image delivery problems

Oct 01 at 07:30am IST
Affected services
Image Transformations

Oct 01 at 08:01am IST

Even though our certificate was scheduled to renew automatically, it was not done because of a missing DNS record. Cloudfront was affected because it actively checks for SSL certificate validity. Fastly was not affected as it was not checking SSL certificate validity.

We have put checks which will now proactively notify us of any such expiring SSL certificate.

Oct 01 at 07:58am IST

Our image processing service shares SSL certificates across all regions. That certificate expired causing SSL connections from CloudFront to error. We have quickly mitigated it by updating the certificate.

Oct 01 at 07:30am IST

All uncached image requests from Cloudfront CDN failed. Cached images and Fastly CDN were unaffected.